Why we ended up Living in Portugal!

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All Destinations in Chronological Order:
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#1 – Kangaroo Island, Australia
#2 – Sossusvlei, Namibia
#3 – Koh Samui, Thailand (Villa:
#4 – Madeira, Portugal (Check these videos:
#5 – Cape Town, South Africa (Airbnb:
#6 – Garden Route Lodge, SA (
#7 – Nusa Penida, Bali
#8 – Blue Fire Mountain, Java
#9 – Death Valley, USA (Airbnb:
#10 – Halong Bay, Vietnam (Cruise:
#11 – Sapa, Vietnam
#12 – Australia Roadtrip (Check these videos:
#13 – Qatar Business Class
#14 – Singapore
#15 – Lisbon, Portugal (Check these videos:


➡ We have been traveling the World for more than 3 years continuously and that has led to some pretty amazing travel experiences and we will cherish forever. Here are 15 of our GREATEST experiences form travelling the world nonstop!


We’re Amalie and Joen. A Danish couple from Copenhagen who have moved to Lisbon, Portugal.
This vlog is all about showing our new home, how life in Portugal is and of course a bunch of epic adventures around this beautiful country.

We hope you’ll stick around. 🙂

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  1. STAY CLASSY VLOG 11 months ago

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  2. Lourenço de Sales Sousa 11 months ago

    Getting to know Japan might have been the most amazing traveling experience I have ever had! Totally worth it!

  3. Bo Stark 11 months ago

    Nice video, makes me wanna go back to Australia.
    I would recommend South Korea or Japan if you not been there yet.

  4. Ricardo Veloso 11 months ago

    Thx so much for your Love to my Country… Portugal is the Soul of the world 🙏

  5. Manuel Pereira 11 months ago

    As a portuguese im very proud about what you said, unfortunately im living in London, but not too long, im moving to portugal, i hope, in june or july

  6. Arch Yeomans 11 months ago

    I can only afford to travel through YouTube and Googling things. It's been about seven years when I started dreaming of traveling and I think you guys made a great choice based on my research on public safety, political stability, affordability, etc. Portugal is a wonderful country and it rates high on safety, which usually is on par with the Nordic countries on a consistent yearly basis.

  7. jaMMpingDog 11 months ago

    I slept in a bus too, in Iceland. On my bucket list are sleeping in a windmill in S.Miguel, Azores, in a trullo house, Puglia, Italy and in a palloza in O'Cebreiro, Galizia

  8. Leonardo Sena 11 months ago

    Does someone know the name of the song playing 21:10? 🙏

  9. ROBBY Andrews 11 months ago

    Well, Did u join the mile club 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  10. liz Damião 11 months ago

    You guys have been to some beautiful places…. so nice to see Australia in your favorites list. I lived in Melbourne for 12 years and miss it so much… but nothing tops Portugal, we have a balanced mixture of all that is good…nature, sights, beaches, culture, monuments, history, climate, food…

  11. Susana Silvestre 11 months ago

    I did two amazing trips that will stay with me forever: Moçambique and Bulgaria. Being portuguese I have an affinity link to Moçambique. I spent two weeks there, I was lucky because I had a friend that was working there, so I had one week free stay in Maputo and a free local guide, but I also went up north to Pemba (to the islands) and down south to Ponta do Ouro, and also took a weekend to go next door to Kruger Park. I went do Bulgaria 15 years ago, when they didn't yet know what tourism was! It is a beautiful country with a lot of different cultural influences.

  12. Nuno Mendes 11 months ago


  13. K MV 11 months ago

    This is maybe your best video ever. That Namibia footage is phenomenal! Takk Takk!!

  14. Rucas 11 months ago

    Forbes Magazine
    Living and Retiring Overseas Post the Coronavirus – Top Three Options
    Kathleen Peddicord
    And the WINNER is, ladies & gents ……… Portugal's ALGARVE Coast
    Year-round Sunshine
    Good Infrastructure
    International Standard Health Care
    Great Beaches
    Affordable Cost of Living
    The Language (english is widely spoken)
    Healhy Living
    Retiree Residency

  15. Su 11 months ago

    I love to See you guys. I'm sooo glad that you choose Portugal. We are so lucky to have you

  16. W1es 11 months ago

    I moved to Lisbon in January! Now I live in Cascais, and I love it!!

  17. Whats Up 11 months ago

    Nice videos , welcome to my, to yours great nation

  18. Sea Demon 11 months ago

    i could not sleep in that house with that huge spider jesus… i will never go to australia hell no

  19. Vasco Apolonio 11 months ago

    I'm making almost 10000 €/year. And I would appreciate if you can show me my own country. I know that I'll die without having the financial means to visit my beloved motherland. Thanks to you both…

  20. Bruno Fernandes 11 months ago


  21. Narcissist Free Zone 11 months ago

    India is the only place that surprised me on a deeper level, when I experienced in midst of all the chaos an inner transformation. It shakes you up, wakes you up. It has nothing to do with the way you guys travel, with all the respect, I love how you travel, but it opens the heart to humbleness and deeper questions. Portugal is in Europe the best place to be, stayed half a year and found peace there.

  22. Francisco Martins 11 months ago


  23. Francisco Martins 11 months ago

    And yu're missing the portuguese football.

  24. Rita Alves 11 months ago

    Oláaaa! I'm starting my adult life and I would love to know the world as you have known it. You are actually an inspiration for me and that's why you may be the best people to answer this question that I have: Do you have any tricks and suggestions for living around the world and maintaining the financial level sufficient to have a cool lifestyle? I am sorry if its a little indiscreet but I would love to meet other perspectives and if you could make a video about it, it would be incredible. Thank you very much for your attention! And by the way, keep like you are, it’s great to know that you love Portugal as much we Portuguese do, we love that 🧡Congratulations 🎊

  25. Filipe Paninho 11 months ago

    Awesome video! All of it! 😉

  26. Anti Deus 11 months ago

    3:15 looks so nice.

  27. Alvaro Vasconcelos 11 months ago

    Awesome video much love to u 2
    And yes Portugal rules

  28. João Filipe Estêvão 11 months ago

    A question is, in your first videos in Lisbon you said that you were not used to hills. Did you get used to?

    About my, kinda best trip, was to Florence. I just fell in love with the city and actually I want to comeback but not alone, which was as I visited the city – Nevertheless I met locals there that took me to places I would not go by myself.

    By the way, I've encountered you two in Saldanha once… maybe a year ago and we talked. You are just great people. Wish you good luck on the next videos 🙂

  29. Rodrigo Ventura 11 months ago

    Your trips are amazing! Congratulations.
    I live in Lisbon with my family, after living in other 5 countries / 4 continents over the past 10 years, and having visited something like 40 countries.
    We also lived in Namibia for 2 years, and I agree with you: that is a Magical country.
    Hopefully we could drink a coffee here in Lisbon when all this Virus problems are gone.
    For now, let's stay home!

  30. kasia serkowska 11 months ago

    I like to watch you guys! So normal, so natural! Me and my boyfriend are also in love in Portugal, Grandola, Comporta and offcourse Lisbon! Soon moving there! Ahhh

  31. Ben _ 11 months ago

    Portugal is love. Some really dreamy places in the video. Cheers from Goa. Former Portuguese overseas territory.

  32. Grandadan 11 months ago

    Well, it's 3:15 am. I should be sleeping and it's your fault! Lovely video! Congratulations

  33. Pro - R 11 months ago

    Nice vídeo

  34. Olivia Perrin 11 months ago

    What has happened to you guys?

  35. bobduvar 11 months ago

    there is one thing you seem to forget : coronavirus !!! Stay confined because you will not go anywhere ! All the borders are closed ….

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