Vanilla BIRTHDAY CAKE Recipe w/ Buttercream Frosting: 2nd Birthday! Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking 113


Hi Bold Bakers! This week is Bigger Bolder Baking’s 2nd Birthday and I’m celebrating by showing you how to make a Vanilla Birthday Cake with Buttercream Frosting. And I’ll even share the easiest decorating technique with sprinkles!!! So let’s get baking!

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  1. rashi sharma 11 months ago

    Hello Gemma! Thank you for this wonderful recipe. If I want to make half of it, then I should just measure half the ingredients right? Also, what's the cup's measurement that you're using? While baking, both the elements of the oven should be on?

  2. Bulou yamoyamo 11 months ago


  3. yash v 11 months ago

    Hi Gemma my buttercream frosting didn't turn out as thick as yours . A little help please 😊👍

  4. Betty Massanja 11 months ago

    Please give me your recipe in writings here.

  5. Indu Thiaga 11 months ago

    What is the preheating temp n baking temp?

  6. Ellie Jelly 11 months ago

    i loved it

  7. Léna 11 months ago

    Can I make this butter cream of vegan "butter"?

  8. Shalini Paranthaman Shalini 11 months ago

    Hai Miss Gemma..I love Your Cakes and The Way Your Explanation…I have A Request Can I Get Best Batter Cake Recipe. Thank You☺

  9. Sharonda Brown 11 months ago

    Hello, I want to make this wonderful looking cake for my twin boys birthday that's coming June 9th they're turning 8 years old I've been making your lovely dessert for years my boys an husband LOVES ALL THE recipes I've been making from u.when I need a delicious recipe your ALWAYS my go to:) thank u so much for sharing ALWAYS 🌼🌻

  10. Melody 11 months ago

    It’s my birthday today and I’m making this and I’m decorating it like one of those fancy cat cakes with rosettes of buttercream on top for the fur and black fondant for facial features and I’m also making it strawberry lemonade flavoured!

  11. Talia Nessary 11 months ago

    Hi Gemma, is this cake strong enough to use fondant on it ?

  12. Jeaneth Arredondo 11 months ago

    Las medidas de los ingredientes cuales son?

  13. Pamela Johnson 11 months ago

    Gemma i love your ch have been missing you

  14. Meme Juice 11 months ago

    Finally! A recipe where I have all the ingredients thank you!

  15. Ajita Nawathe 11 months ago

    I have a question and I strongly feel a knowledgable and highly experienced person like you will able to answer me:-
    Is there a base recipe formula for a plain vanilla cake?
    Like, sugar = flour= egg+liquid , egg = fat, or something which I can use as a common base,?

  16. Ajita Nawathe 11 months ago

    If I replace eggs with buttermilk then won't milk and buttermilk be too much of liquid and make cake horribly soft…. And if I replace eggs with banana won't the cake have banana flavours?
    So what If I replace egg with buttermilk and skip milk Al together then?

  17. Ulfat Sultana 11 months ago

    How much milk do I need for the cake batter at the beginning where are the measurements

  18. Akxx Man 11 months ago

    We reduced the sugar as my grandma didn't like to much sugar thx so much

  19. Akxx Man 11 months ago

    Hey Gemma we made this for my birthday absolutely amazing we made them into cupcakes the next time the were so perfect that we fell in love with it we made it three time and it was just perfect

  20. tabule shamirah 11 months ago

    Chef I think I can do it in our microwave magic?

  21. Aaruni Gupta 11 months ago

    Hey I tried the recipe but I have been making a mistake and i don’t know what
    When i bake it it’s no fluffy and airy
    Can you help please?

    Please reply

    I tried it twice and no good 🙈

  22. avamay estonio 11 months ago

    Hello maam, can i ask the measurement off all the ingredients? Tnx a lot, more power

  23. Aaruni Gupta 11 months ago

    Hey can I use egg substitution here? I hope you do reply please

  24. SMIYA SHAJI 11 months ago

    Hey, my cake seems to have developed some cracks after about 25 minutes of baking and the middle part is still raw,any idea why?

  25. Nancy Suzanne 11 months ago

    3 cups (425g/15oz) cake flour, sifted
    2 cups (453g/16oz) granulated sugar
    4 teaspoons baking powder
    ½ teaspoon salt
    5 large egg whites , at room temperature
    1 whole egg , at room temperature
    1 cup (8floz/227ml) whole milk or full fat buttermilk
    2 1/4 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
    ¾ cup (170g, 6oz) unsalted butter, cold
    Vanilla Buttercream Frosting (Master Recipe Here)

  26. Segen Araya 11 months ago

    This was a 100%00 fail this have been much more simple👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  27. Mercy Ngunu 11 months ago

    I love how you cook and I love how you are nice 😍

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