Tom Ford Black Orchid

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Fragrance Cologne Review Perfume for Women and Men Unisex

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  1. Your Kodi 1 year ago

    No no no, some people have also commented on website, dont smell it on car, smell it on skin. Totally different!!

  2. Health & Nutrition with Aamir 1 year ago

    I will rate it 9 out of 10 Jeremy!

  3. TURKSTAR 1 year ago

    Horrible parfüm😖

  4. Mike Wilcox 1 year ago

    4:19 Clasp on watch opens. LOL 👏😜

  5. Masudrana Shimul 1 year ago

    Tom ford is very good perfume but I also don’t no this for man or women.

  6. John Holden 1 year ago

    This was a superb review, because you described the scent in human terms, and gave a comparison/contrast with other well known scents. Most reviewers fail because they expect non-experts to be able to imagine the scent from a list of ingredients and technical terms. The blind tests were also very informative.

  7. Khaos969 1 year ago

    Only works on your skin….

  8. cloudstrife421 1 year ago

    I agree with Jeremy, it’s not a blind buy and not a compliment getter. I find this is definitely more of a female fragrance.

    It’s definitely unique strong and projects well.

  9. Wany 1 year ago

    This is one the best reviews you've made. Went straight to business. Good work

  10. Raven Pascual 1 year ago

    bought it bc…dacre…

  11. Tarik Mesinovic 1 year ago

    Tom ford is not an extrovert

  12. Nathaniel 1 year ago

    I love this fragrance, but it’s so unusual that I don’t wear it much

  13. EILEEN 1 year ago

    I don’t like unisex fragrances.

  14. jason dixon 1 year ago

    I like the way it smells

  15. Sarah Alvarez 1 year ago

    Here because Michael Jackson used this cologne ❤️😍.

  16. Sabina Codaț 1 year ago

    It's smells like a rich person. It's sexy and it gives you confident. I like it on my boyfriend(he is a business men) and i like it on myself too . Sooo…It's my opinion . You need personality for this perfume. And it's not for a simple everyday people.

  17. Travis Hutt 1 year ago

    Why does the “owner of a hotel” example always come up

  18. Joe Kim 1 year ago

    Strange, I would consider this a masterpiece

  19. Николай Авилов 1 year ago

    Is it a masculine fragrance?)

  20. Chester Foster 1 year ago

    It sucks… I bought this shit and my wife hates it 😩… WTF

  21. Jack Larage 1 year ago

    I'll take it off your hands I would love to have it in my collection. I really want this

  22. Antonina Orlova 1 year ago

    How do you spell the name of the fragrance that is similar to Tom Ford Black Orchid?

  23. Isabelle Giorgis 1 year ago

    this is an ethnic perfume. You would get a complete different answer in a black or Latino audience. It is extremely sensual. Most seductive fragrance in the market.

  24. zach ledesma 1 year ago

    Jason Jesse brought me here hahaha

  25. Adrian Garcia 1 year ago

    This has been my signature scent for about two years, always get compliments

  26. Trevor C 1 year ago

    I lost my mind when I first smelled this on a woman. Intoxicating and complex.

  27. 111risto 1 year ago

    This is my go to fragrance. The opening isn't that wow'ing. But once the dry down hits this becomes a masterpiece. I get complimented it at least once every two days. Usually more.

  28. Texas Lyoness 1 year ago

    I thought Black Orchid is a signature fragrance for women. It smells absolutely intoxicating on me. It is so unusual and yet so classy and sophisticated.

  29. Chesney 1 year ago

    I have the black orchid and 6 people allready told me it smells great though 😮
    I really like it

    and i'm a man btw.

  30. Akil Smith 1 year ago

    I just don't know if I should get this. I've smelled it and it's….. unique. arrrgh I don't know!

  31. Miss J 1 year ago

    I tried this today on my skin for the first time. I’ve always smelt it on a card and each time I thought it was def not for me. I hated it. I sprayed it on my wrist today and hated it. It made me feel sick.
    After 2 hours I can say it is perfect. It smells so so nice on my skin. I could see how this would smell even better on a mans skin. Def judge it after it dries down.

    You as a fragrance influencer I would have expected you to be more mindful of this and have allowed it to be spayed on the skin and also shown what it’s like after afew hours.

  32. Antonio Smith 1 year ago

    This is Trey Songz scent

  33. Oreo Emesis 1 year ago

    You can’t be throwing Black Orchid under someone’s nose right after it is sprayed. I HATE the first couple of minutes of this fragrance. It’s gnarly.

    But – once that dry down starts, I am in heaven. It’s rich and complex and sensual. I love it.

  34. Emily Young 1 year ago

    This perfume doesn't smell very good until it settles into its deeper notes. The first time I put it on it was as a sample from a magazine. Put it on my wrists and didn't like it at all. Then about 30-40 minutes later I thought "oh wow what is that amazing smell," and it was the black orchid. Had to have it after that. Definitely smells better on women IMO.

  35. Aric Antoi 1 year ago

    i just bought this fragrance and this review validated my purchase i love wearing something daring and uniqe! why be a sheep.

  36. That's no moon 1 year ago

    I smelled this in the store and it was horrible on opening

  37. throwthejavelin368 1 year ago

    It's one of the favourite fragrances of female escorts. This one and tobacco vanille.

  38. The3Shogun 1 year ago

    I wouldn’t like it on a woman, I think it’s way too strong. I like a sweeter scent on a woman.

  39. Marius Ciobanu 1 year ago

    Black Orchid is an absolute beast! I can't get enough of it.

  40. monib ansari 1 year ago

    i have tom ford black orchid and like it i want to giv 1 to 10——– a 9

  41. John Fitzgerald 1 year ago

    What cologne for men smells more like a skunk? That way I dont have to put alot on. Just a dab on the neck.

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