Lost Ark Western Release Nears; Diablo 4 dev update; aRPG news, & more…

Halo: The Master Chief Collection hits Steam; Halo TV series coming; Red Dead Redemption 2 PC launches; Diablo 4 dev blog post; Diablo 4 story spoiler leaks; Overwatch YouTuber eats crow over Overwatch 2 comments; Path of Exile updates; Lost Ark Western release grows closer; Wolcen release date coming soon; Darksiders Genesis releases.

Time stamps:

Halo: 00:47
Red Dead Redemption 2: 01:36
Gamer eats cow ____: 01:53
Path of Exile: 02:59
Lost Ark: 04:37
Wolcen: 08:10
Darksiders Genesis: 08:56
Diablo 4: 09:16

Overwatch YouTuber eats cow ____:
Path of Exile boss update:
PoE boss killing event:
PoE Twitch Prime loot:
Lost Ark issues:
Wolcen release changes:


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  1. DeepbloodEclipse 7 months ago

    Loop hole for that reddit post, Cows don't have nick and pulls, they are female, so technically, he doesn't have to eat anything.

  2. Aurelian Dumitru 7 months ago

    Just came by to give you a thumb, quess wich one…

  3. Fluffy Earl 7 months ago

    Arent all games Pay To Win now?. All i want is the western release of this game.

  4. Artz 7 months ago

    . Im 290 ilvl which is very low. And pvp is no problem. Game is superfun. Just learn how it works.

  5. tenryuta 7 months ago

    waiting for the real sacred 3

  6. FranciscoGonzalezH 7 months ago

    This guy is just bashing Lost ark, My question is why? Diablo fan? Path of exile fan?

  7. MrHoliday 7 months ago

    I've already kinda given up on Lostark, its looks great… but I hear so much about the pay to win/accelerate aspect, POE and League do it right, cosmetic and quality of life cheap stuff. Plus by the time it even comes to the states… D4 will probably be out, plus POE2? Yea… Lostark has become somewhat of a lost cause.

  8. David Janssen 7 months ago

    For the people that already paid for Wolcen will they have to pay again ?

  9. Kenneth Jensen 7 months ago

    How this Guy can be a youtube lol.

  10. LA7ERA1U5 7 months ago

    Cows are female so really he ate bull genitals for no reason since he promised to eat "cow d*ck and balls" which is not even possible.

  11. Benja 7 months ago

    cow's ** is actually soup #5

  12. Artisan 7 months ago

    Diablo's 4 lilith sounds ad cultural socialism or political agenda, it's the same thing. I might be wrong and i love a "good Lilith" but… i'm skeptical of these things these days.

  13. Artisan 7 months ago

    Sadly Lost ark is not an Arpg, is an mmorpg with pay to win. Sadly because it's a nice game.

  14. Butter Squares 7 months ago

    In Lost Ark, endgame dungeon and raid entries are unlimited. But the rewards are only gained 3 times per day in dungeons, in raids you still get rewards, but much less after your 3 per day cap (so you can still help your friends.) The exception to this is Silian's command, (cube dungeon, tower, platinum fields,) are gated with tickets. You get 3 tickets per day, and can store up to 10 at a time.

  15. Whitecone 7 months ago

    I got the game on my pc and i played it like 2/3 weeks on the russian server and its fucking unique amazing, they only anoying part was that i hade to look for free 7 days vpns, so i can keep playing, english patch working nice on the russian client, but i will play it more when its fully launched in english

  16. Insert Pixels 7 months ago

    Hey Rhykker. Did you name yourself after the name a rare monster sometimes gets in Diablo 3, or were those rares named after you?

  17. Johnhicker Santilan 7 months ago

    Just want to ask about lost ark when it will release on steam?

  18. Johnhicker Santilan 7 months ago

    I CAN PLAY 24HOURS A DAY NO PROBLEM FOR MEEEEEE 1 hour sleep is okay

  19. Johnhicker Santilan 7 months ago


  20. Johnhicker Santilan 7 months ago


  21. Lai Larsen 7 months ago

    Incredibly misinformed segment about Lost Ark. Pretty much none of the things mentioned are accurate or even true.

  22. James Wu 7 months ago

    I have to tellya, Darksiders Genesis is great, but the bugs are very experience damaging, they're everywhere

  23. Daily_Basis 7 months ago

    Honestly, despite my thousands of hours in Diablo 3 I gotta say, I had infinitely more fun in Lost Ark in the couple hundred hours I put into it. The only reason I stopped was because of the account verifying and what not. I loved Diablo and the countless hours I put into the game are all regret free but if I could. I wouldve easily doubled or even tripled the hours in Lost Ark. the world is way bigger and expansive, especially after the first island. The combat was alot more fun though both were very flashy and fun to watch. The gear level and all that I dont really have a problem with as the gear given to you from completing missions was good enough for me though I can see if you wanna make your toon more personal that might be a problem.

    Even if the game is P2W when it comes to the west il no doubt dump hours into mostly for the fun PVE that comes with it

  24. Andy Brown 7 months ago

    I think the consumption of bovine genitals would be more palatable that the bovine excrement coming directly from blizzard.

    It shows a lot of dedication to find a transgender cow purely to eat its balls, although from the video it apparently transitioned from bull to cow which makes the feat even more remarkable.

  25. Lidderz Panda 7 months ago

    After playing too much lost ark RU in recent months I can confirm it is pretty Pay2win as stats from items effect PVP, buying gold for paid for gems to buy items that make pve content super easy and some other stats added to real cash pets and clothes.

    You can pretty much double your progress by paying for items and all players can do this not just people who are behind, this lets some players gain a huge lead and then have a big advantage in PVP.

    Skill can overcome this stats difference but if you are evenly matched, the player who spent more money will win more often. Which in my eyes is pretty pay to win.

    The gear does cap eventually but with the constant updates to gear score and the very slow pace of upgrades (extremely time gated if you don't use cash shop, talking like 4 days of doing dailies for every upgrade for 2nd tier.)

    I love the combat and design of this games areas and content but the time gated gouge to sell 'convenience' items is starting to grind against me now.

    Fingers crossed they take a differen;t route for the western release but i very highly doubt it.

  26. ageofbogyo 7 months ago

    Come on you know that Diablo, POE bots are much more effective than you spending money in any cash shop.

  27. Brian Yoo 7 months ago

    Lost Ark back in Korea is no longer interested by many gamers now due to poor managment by Smilegate. They also sold an item that allows you to complete a raid instantly without actually playing it through. LOL

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