Lost Ark First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

Lost Ark (KR Closed Beta 3)
In this video I give my first impressions on Lost Ark a game that’s soon to go into Its open beta phase in Korea and a MMO that many people have been looking forward to for a long time.

Lost Ark is a Korean made Multiplayer Online Isometric Action Role Playing Hack And Slash Game that was initially revealed at the end of 2014, Since then the hype levels for this game have been through the roof in multiple regions especially the western market, Lost Ark is a game that really pushes Unreal Engine 3 to its limits and blends cut scene heavy storytelling with medium paced action combat, and a rich endgame that offers content for fans of both PVP and PVE encounters.


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—Lost Ark Features And Description—

– 6 gender locked classes (Two not avalible in this video)

– PVP content in the form of 3v3 arena, 1v1 duels and FFA

– PVE content in the form of 15 end game dungeons, an endless tower with infinitely increasing difficulty, 7 World bosses, 8 guardian raids and life skill dungeons

– Made in Unreal Engine 3

– Each class has the option to choose from one of three specializations at level 10

– Unique intro experience for each class

– Medium paced action combat with quite a few long static animations

– Cut scene heavy and voice acted storyline that uses interesting camera techniques to keep things fresh

– Wide selection of emotes to choose from

– Good selection of character customization options

– AAA audio and music work

– Try each specialization before committing

– Instanced world with linear zone progression

– No gore or blood

– Small amount of armor and weapon variety

– No ETA on western release

– High fantasy eastern art style typical of games such as TERA, Bless, Riders Of Icarus, Blade And Soul, Ascent: Infinite Realm

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Lost Ark First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”


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  1. Palithor Elder 11 months ago


  2. Brent Kovaltsenko 11 months ago

    Omg this game looks siiiiick

  3. Nii Lantei Bright-Davies 11 months ago

    I know that this is how most mmos are, but I wish we could get a more classic third person view instead of a birds eye view

  4. Mat G 11 months ago

    The official worldwide release of lost ark have been announce to be in 2020 by the companie Smilegate a month ago.

  5. Sergio Agra 11 months ago

    the hype is dead…. Grim Dawn and Path of Exile are the kings

  6. Tony Yang 11 months ago

    11:32 damn those thighs

  7. Richard Kiwang 11 months ago

    still no mmorpg can beat requiem memento mori…

  8. Jared Kitzrow 11 months ago

    Looks like shit compared to most 2020 games coming out

  9. John von Shepard 11 months ago

    2020 and still no western release 🙁

  10. Myka Morrow 11 months ago

    ummm yeah why would a weapon be bigger then the characters? 🙄 Ewww "EU and NA Won’t Receive Lost Ark in 2020" That sucks. 🤔

  11. Party Quest 11 months ago

    liked the video! sub!

  12. Party Quest 11 months ago

    wow it's really freaking cool! no wonder my friends play it.

  13. Simple Agent 11 months ago

    Camera angle is like God of War 3.

  14. iDie2 Game 11 months ago

    Uhh am i the only one that heard that??? This game Pushes the eligibility of Unreal Engine 3? Uhh cool but no ty…also 2:39 no beard options? ok Oh i spoke to SOON!!! 5:00!!! 9:10 that was kinda cool…i guess. 10:24 lol what ever you say. 11:21 Is that Christmas shoes? Sir i wana buy these shoes for my mama please…14:07 How and why would you lie? 14:56 racist much??

  15. Dariom 11 months ago

    For those of you who are also binge watching the "Is it worth playing?" series. It's been confirmed that Lost Ark will not come to the west in 2020, so yeah, rip.

  16. xorkatoss 11 months ago

    lol unreal 3 engine is outdated already? pretty sure unreal 4 is the new one

  17. Gigaarts 11 months ago

    I think its too colourful

  18. ageofbogyo 11 months ago

    By the time it comes to west it will have unreal engine 5.
    Joking this is the kind of awesome game which never comes out of Korea.

  19. Adhem 11 months ago

    Lost Ark Online
    PROS :
    -Awesome Gameplay
    -Awesome physics and artwork
    -Awesome skills upgrades
    -Amazing cinematic dungeons
    -Amazing open world game
    -Amazing event
    -Nice Sea exploring and more
    -And more and more
    -And more

    CONS :
    -Not launched in NA

  20. Kugelblitz 11 months ago

    Friend: what kind of game you play?
    Me: 0:01

  21. Garbage Knight 11 months ago

    im not big on top down games, but i really want this one to come west so i can play it, it looks good.

  22. Zalmast 11 months ago

    For the last 10 years… I think I vee been on a broken loop-
    Download PoE: play for 2 months… quit cause I never feel like my character looks cool unless I pay, and I hate the graphics…. uninstall.
    Download ESO: play for 1 month… quit because I may as well just play skyrim and mod that…. uninstall
    still want MMO
    Download Warframe- play for 3 months, maybe the medival setting was getting tired… quit cause feeling stuck in the progression, and want MMO… uninstall…
    Download BDO/GW2- play for like a day… nah… uninstall…
    download Dark Souls 1-3, replay them all for the 10000000th time…. quit gaming for some months….
    Download PoE to see whats new…..

  23. TouchingPeople OnTheTrain 11 months ago

    Wtf can nobody jump anymore in these type of games. Hitting would be incalculably difficult.

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