LISBON HOUSE TOUR | Our Rooftop Apartment is just PERFECT!

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It’s finally time for our house tour here in beautiful Lisbon. It’s been underway for 8 months and now we are at a point where it’s time to show it to you guys. We are so proud to also be working with the Portuguese company, Senses Linen, who makes the most incredible bed linen for our 5 star bed. It truly makes a difference in your sleep. Trust us on this one!


We’re Amalie and Joen. A Danish couple from Copenhagen who have moved to Lisbon, Portugal.
This vlog is all about showing our new home, how life in Portugal is and of course a bunch of epic adventures around this beautiful country.

We hope you’ll stick around. 🙂

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  1. STAY CLASSY VLOG 11 months ago

    We are SO proud to work with a Portuguese company like – Their stuff literally improves your sleep. We refuse to sleep with other bed linen now. That's also why Senses Linen offers a 60 night FREE return if you don't love it! Thanks again to Senses Linen!

  2. Ricardo Marrugo 11 months ago

    To the best couple in Portugal, I'll be in Lisbon next year, loved your new apartment. Best regards, Ricardo

  3. 5eeeh 11 months ago

    Joen, can you please share with us your favorite/personal spotify playlist?

  4. Francisca Martins 11 months ago

    House looks amazing guys! Hope you have a lot of happy moments in that place. Beijinhos <3

  5. Caren Liebman 11 months ago

    I was in Portugal last September-your life looks amazing and this home is beautiful! Actually, loved Porto too-the air was so fresh.

  6. Chihe Choi 11 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous apartment – edgy yet warm and so full of stories! How did you find the place? Are you renting or did you buy it? I've been hunting an apartment in Lisbon to live in long term…

  7. Shahzad Yousaf vlogs 11 months ago

    Hello form Gujrat pakistan♥️ . I like all your vlogs and your videos you are doing such a great job . I am also living in lisbon last 12 years. In this January I came in Pakistan to see my family after . . Coronavirus I stuck here and flight operations or off and now I am waiting for when again flights are going to open see you soon guys….♥️♥️♥️

  8. Banana Spiel 11 months ago

    Really enjoy your VLOGS. Always fun!
    Food, Home improvement, Travel, Sun, Hotel rooms, Beautiful people, Drone shots, Fashion, Wine, Beach. Da Life!
    See you in LISBOA!

  9. Brain_Schorcher 11 months ago

    Its: ATÉ LOGO and not HASTA LUEGO

    HASTA LUEGO is Spanish….

  10. Enmanuel Estrada 11 months ago

    tycho is my fav artist too

  11. Andy P 11 months ago

    Lovely home.

  12. Miguel Silvestre 11 months ago

    Youre place looks amazing, i love the scandinavian style

  13. Shirley 11 months ago

    What's the name of the song playing when you were making your bed upstairs. I Love you guys so much ♥️😘

  14. Pankajsingh Tech 11 months ago


  15. Christina Norris 11 months ago

    I just watched this youtube video and that you of you, Amalia. Love your style

  16. One Way Ticket 11 months ago

    Hey guys we are foreigners too wanna hang out??? add me on Facebook steph meilaq lets meet up and dicuss it all😁 coz we arrived 3 months ago and neeed people like you,!😂😂 you kick asss!!

  17. Luisa Assunção 11 months ago

    Love the flat! Can you tell me where did you get the vase that looks like a woman's face, over the stairs very delicate! Thank you

  18. Spanish Jo 11 months ago

    May I know how much you bought this house?

  19. João Miguel Gomes 11 months ago

    One recommendation for delicious cheap white wine. Try Portas da Ravessa Branco, it's 2.49€ and I find it better than Borba even though Borba is good for the price.

  20. Bruno Filipe Soares 11 months ago


  21. R3d Moon Rizing 11 months ago

    Hello! Hello!
    (Long because well, I'm locked in too!)
    So yea, binge watching and laughing our asses off at your honest, sassy-smartassy vlogs. There is so much great info from you two!!
    With MUCH sadness we had to cancel our fall trip to Portugal because of the current uncertainty and it SUCKS!
    I am not ashamed to say that I totally hog the agenda for the Portugal trips to train with my INCREDIBLE Riding Master near Canha. He has the most fabulously trained Luscitanos. I SWEAR the stallions are fluent in Portuguese, French and English…. they are so smart! So when I'm screwing up, I cannot get away with shit because these horses typically do not make mistakes 😲.
    My Riding Master is old school and the first couple days are harsh on my mentally distracted, overly-defensive American ego.
    He's tough…and strict because Portuguese horse culture and their Luscitanos are world renown. He wants me/us to improve and to carry as much of that cultural learning back to our horses in America. It can be tough, but what a gift! I'd do it annually because I'd never get that type of an education in California.
    After the riding lessons are over it's like, BOOM! all that gracious, salt-of-the-earth warmth tumbles back. ☺ I really love the Portuguese!
    We feel such a loss not to make the trip this year….to ride, fish and see the Golegã Horse Fair.
    We are also looking to retire in the outskirts of Algarve. These videos are great for getting a good feel for the country.

  22. PeeGee Thirteen 11 months ago

    Where's the washing machine? (laundry)

  23. Sora T 11 months ago

    Joen, Get some castors in those parasol bases my man. You don’t need to lift them again afterwards, just make sure you get some that have breaks 🙂 or you can get those parasol support bases that have wheels and a flower pot for some more greenery 😉

  24. Northling 11 months ago

    Nice place! What do you do for a living?

  25. TP-vision Photo 11 months ago

    One question i always have when i see this. What happen in the winter when it's rainning. you cover the furniture that you have in the balcony? And everything is fine in the summer?

  26. Luc Huys 11 months ago

    Hello Amelia is it possible to get the contact info of the person in the Algarve that makes the macrame? Big Thx in advance !!

  27. Fábio Machado 11 months ago

    0:14 , squeeze them glutes Joen ! ahaha

  28. Pa Ma 11 months ago

    You guys are great. Really enjoy watching your vlogs. I was born in Portugal but in the U.S. for 30 years. Makes me miss my country when I watch you both. I truly believe Portugal is the best place in the world; sometimes we realize that after we’ve been in many countries and appreciate what we had. Keep doing what you do – you will go far.

  29. Jose Pet 11 months ago

    You know to speak Portuguese?

  30. Monica Silva Pereira 11 months ago

    Sense linen are definitely SOOO GOOD!

  31. Monica Silva Pereira 11 months ago

    If you like art and don't know yet the portuguese artist Felipe Rodriguez, please check it out.He's very good 😉👌

  32. Joao Marques 11 months ago

    Very nice place! 🙂 Where did you buy that lovely office table?

  33. Andre Amorim 11 months ago

    @6:10 $my_office, your style 🆒sharp and clean and well balanced🏆.

  34. Scipio Senna 11 months ago

  35. Fernando Mofreita 11 months ago

    The first Canadian clinical trials for a possible COVID-19 vaccine have been approved by Health Canada. Dr. Scott Halperin, the director of the Canadian Center for Vaccinology, explains the different phases of testing that a potential vaccine would have to go through.

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  36. Linda Verheyen 11 months ago

    Love it very nice

  37. anygameanytime lp 11 months ago

    I recommend you guys visiting parque municipal casal De cambra because it's been there for so long after everything that park went through and I also recommend you visiting lagoa da albufeira it's a good beach I have been going there since I was 3 I always liked to swim all the way to the other side and climb the big sand mountain

  38. plisava 11 months ago

    I’m glad I found you guys…you’re just so inspiring!<33

  39. o sérgio marafona 11 months ago

    Amazing place you got there. btw, have you learnt Portuguese yet?

  40. Rylana Gomes 11 months ago

    sporting e maior

  41. SFB 11 months ago

    I moved to Lisbon 2y ago from Australia and have been looking for decent linen for my beds and found it so hard find at reasonable price here. So thanks for the link to SensesLinen guys!

  42. serramcs 11 months ago

    Hi!!! Wouldn't you go to Alentejo right now in Spring? See and listen this… It is called "Cante Alentejano"😊👍

  43. Tom Eglinton 11 months ago

    Tycho ♥️ nice place guys. Love your vids

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