Lisbon Food Tour: Are Restaurants All Bankrupt?

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It’s finally the day when restaurants open their doors and naturally we have to go on a Lisbon food tour! How can we not? We need to support the restaurants with all we got! And that’s what we did!


We’re Amalie and Joen. A Danish couple from Copenhagen who have moved to Lisbon, Portugal.
This vlog is all about showing our new home, how life in Portugal is and of course a bunch of epic adventures around this beautiful country.

We hope you’ll stick around. 🙂

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  1. SwissFamilyJUTD 11 months ago

    Just want to say: never a bear taste so good Joen!!! hahaha, love it! Cheers

  2. Neocoolzero 11 months ago

    Speaking as a portuguese, (and I depend on tourists, I work in a hotel chain) you gotta realize, most businesses in Lisbon, specially, restaurants, depend on tourists to be able to work. We have no incoming tourists into the country, flights still closed, cruises not working, tourists is like 90% of the income for most of the restaurants. They have loads of expenses, rent, staff paychecks, all of that. With hardly any income, they have no way to even be able to cover the expenses, let alone make a profit.
    Most are waiting for an official response from the governement to see how to proceed, to see when are the tourists coming back and all that. It doesn't depend just on the business owners, remember that.
    Having said that, and I meant no harm or harsh criticism, just a bit of inside info, please do come visit when you can, we do have the most amazing food 😉

  3. fer das 11 months ago

    vocùês estao mais gordinhos e muito bronzeados

  4. SFB 11 months ago

    Even without the tourists I am surprised how empty Lisbon is. People still wont go to restaurants in my area. I am literally only customer that eats in and these places were once so busy you couldn't even get a seat without waiting an hour. Agreed, support these restaurants and cafes!

  5. Manny Lopes 11 months ago

    I have to have Antonio back more often!! Obrigado:)

  6. nyunixguru 11 months ago

    Antonio is from NY? He acts and sounds like it

  7. Miguel Beires 11 months ago

    For your future exploring of the North of Portugal, you should try Casa Alvaro in Valença do Minho. They are famous for their costelinhas and bacalhau. In the summer it is usually full with 1h waiting time, but should be ok during the rest of the year.

  8. Assunçao Meireles 11 months ago

    Este coronavirus veio estragar a vida a muita gente lamento John e Amalia que para vocês foi desatroso mas na Espanha ainda foi pior do que em Portugal eles nao podem ainda vir a Portugal as fronteiras fecharam mas nao desanimem que melhores dias virao . Mas mesmo assim noutras partes do país encontram bons restaurantes façam o cruzeiro ao Douro é muito bonito

  9. João Silva 11 months ago

    Amalie quando fala em português tem um sotaque lindo. Quem concorda deixa aqui o like.

  10. Gabriela Trantova 11 months ago

    Great work guys! Me and my bf going next week and we are hoping to see some more places to open and we planning to not leave with empty bellies, your

    saviors are coming 😀

  11. Thiago Carlos de Oliveira 11 months ago

    Cool video guys, me and my wife moved to Lisbon at the beginning of the lockdown, so we do not know the city at all lol.

  12. António Pinto 11 months ago

    Such stupid title , bankrupcy… Portugal is still having lockdown rules in place and this is partially the reason why we have a much lesser death and case rate than other south countries.
    In Portugal, socialization often happens along meals and restaurants are family and social places.

    To make videos without understanding a minimal of our social organization… Yes talk about bacalhau mas do not speculate about possible bankruptcies.
    Start from learning what real food is like than the meaning of having a meal, than, maybe you might sound superficially knowledgeable about our restaurants.

    Depressing is to listen such lack of understanding.

  13. Ana Ferreira 11 months ago

    Loved that first restaurant's name!

  14. Ana Ferreira 11 months ago

    Miss you guys!

  15. FMORAIS 11 months ago

    What a great video guys – It's so good to hear you speaking Portuguese!
    5:08 Joen's look is priceless! He's like a kid that just had Xmas in May haha

  16. Chicken man 300 11 months ago

    I live near Fall River Massachusetts and there are probably at least 20 Portuguese restaurants within a 5 mile radius. Lucky me😹

  17. Luanna Souza 11 months ago

    Hey guys. I'm from Brazil🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷. Amazon exactly, Belém do Pará. Come visit us some day!!! But my tip today is a restaurant close to Porto (Portugal) in a city called PAREDES. It"s callef COZINHA DA TERRA. You have to book in advance. It's great. Very niiiiice.

  18. Flavio Paranhos 11 months ago

    Arroz de POLVO, e não PATO

  19. Filipe Andrade 11 months ago

    Nah, I can't believe how good your Portuguese already is. I guess I can't say "Welcome" anymore. You're Portuguese 😀

  20. Susan Highfield 11 months ago

    Should be coming to Lisbon next week but our flight has been cancelled (from UK ) devastated,

  21. Jorge Antunes 11 months ago

    lisbon my love

  22. Abdul Maimani 11 months ago

    Oh my God.. I miss Lisboa and Portugese food

  23. Becket Allison 11 months ago

    We will keep watching and planning to return..after or canceled trip in April..😎

  24. Rony Tha VLOG 11 months ago

    Best broo ❤️

  25. Renato Bastos Leitao 11 months ago

    notam-se que são mesmo turistas…

  26. L. Hollanda 11 months ago

    Pastel de Belem is just the original pastel de nata. Pastel de Nata is the general name for all the tarts are similar to or inspired by pastel de Belem… like you pizza and American pizza, you have pastel de Belem and the copies called pastel de nata

  27. JAIME RODRIGUES 11 months ago

    Try Carnide old part of Lisbon there are a lot of great places to eat!!!!!dont own any ok just live there !!hug!!

  28. Lola 11 months ago

    It’s a joke the amount of brainwashing going on! Those people with their masks on top of a plastic barrier!? Unbelievable and so sad…. Actually no one will see the complete damage for weeks possibly months!

  29. Deanna Bollo 11 months ago

    Thank you very much for replying to my posting. I appreciate very much your courteous and very simpático tone. I apologise but cannot work out the example you made with the fish and seagulls! You’re a charming young couple and, in a dramatically changing world, information can be precious to heighten your senses and possibilities. As a committed animal activist my
    feelings centre around animal liberation. Just like there were people fighting for the end of slavery, women rights, anti war,
    these goals always need to embrace everyone. It’s not a matter of opinion – it’s a matter for needed change. We need to elevate our state of compassion, ethics, love and civilization. Presently as you know, we’re under siege with the corona plague! Consider the fact that nature, our goddess, is hurting. We’re being targeted with a virus that has completely side-stepped animal life!
    Ask yourself why? Be bold, be informed, be fair. Thank you for your time. Be happy, be well, be safe. PS Promise will not look at your food postings. JURO!

  30. João Rocha 11 months ago

    Eheheh watching you while having arroz de pato for lunch!

  31. Alvaro Lopes 11 months ago

    I’m Portuguese residing in the USA. I enjoyed all of your videos and both of you are full of energy and very funny. I have learned more about Portugal from you guys than I did when was living there. Keep up the good. tak skal du have

  32. Borden KW 11 months ago

    Everybody needs an Antonio in their life. Does Antonio know anything about building us a cobble stone driveway? When will you introduce us to Jose and Manuel?

  33. Duarte 11 months ago

    I want to see you trying polvo à lagareiro 🙂

  34. mtangas 11 months ago

    Antonio is such a douchebag

  35. telmocc 11 months ago

    Keep going guys! Bom trabalho ✌🏽

  36. Michael Thompson 11 months ago

    Love your viddies!
    Super big Tycho fan here. Scott is a cool guy, was here in Austin playing a couple of times for SXSW!
    Looking to buy a place in Lisbon. Would like to open up a chill bar on the waterfront

  37. Karl Jokker Lukkas 11 months ago


  38. Joe Almeida 11 months ago

    Hilarious! Antonio is a class act and definitely adds to the Stay Classy blog. As for the Italian / Portuguese cuisine juxtaposition – to me, its a bit of a false one. I've had Italian meals done homestyle that are fantastic, and I've had Portuguese dishes that were "passable". I've had mom and pop Chinese where the flavours were to die for, and I've had Persian "fessenjoon" that I constantly dream about. It's all about the quality of the ingredients, and the love and execution put in by the person cooking in the kitchen. What is to note, Portugal possesses an old culture, and old cultures have refined cooking and cuisine using the local or accessable ingredients over many generations. Joen's and Amalie's trip to Northern Portugal to discover more food and wine and the ditching of Michelin star restaurants in favour of the more local is truly the start of a gastronomic adventure. Stay healthy guys, thank you for supporting the mom and pop places in Portugal, and blessings and strength to all looking to reopen.

  39. Deanna Bollo 11 months ago

    Sorry I have to add that the food looks horrid! Cannot believe how people insist on eating all this. Since I’m vegan I can almost smell the cadavers that you all eat! Portuguese middle-aged look decrepit, green shaded, all bent and sickly! One certainty is, that we are what we eat! If you look at the mirror and think you might not look so healthy, don’t think, YOU ARE! Sorry!

  40. Pedro José Sabino 11 months ago

    16:19 kicking ! António Lebowski – lobo Antunes – red momentich ( email-me for dissertation )

  41. Deanna Bollo 11 months ago

    The government promised on TV daily, they would bail out small and medium businesses and were going to do payouts. Meanwhile only a percentage of payments have been made. Bureaucracy has conveniently kicked in and so it’s a mess. Without bailouts these businesses will have to close down. That’s why many are in ‘wait and see mode’.However the state has bailed out banks to the tune of billions which is a true scandal. There is no socialism in Portugal. For years, self-serving governments have been implementing neo liberalism which is capitalism in the form of financial dictatorship. The plan is continued support for rich elites adding monopolies so that power is in the hands of few. I think you’re Danish and must point out that your country has managed the covid plague very well. This because, of all the benefits given to its citizens. These have allowed people to face the problem with sense and sensibility. Danish systems would be nirvana for countries such as Portugal. There’s been a revolution in 1974 but, the boots of Salazar are still entrenched on the people’s necks. They accept the unacceptable. Autumn will be make or break of more tough measures. This is all Portuguese have had since then.
    Re Sangria, the EU arranged for Portugal to join Spain in accepting the origins of this drink to both countries. I assure you that almost forever sangria was NOT a Portuguese drink. In actual fact the best sangrias I ever drank were Italian. In fact during the
    Roman Empire, Romans only ever drank red wine mixed with fruit. So, Italians say it’s theirs! Spain is paying back Portugal
    for claims that Cristóvão Colombo was Spanish when in actual fact he was Portuguese, financed by the Spanish royalty, who paid for his travels in search of riches for them. In the end they stabbed him in the back. Now, the Italians claim he’s Italian! No wonder this world is bonkers bananas!
    This posting you made is very good and gives a hands down feel for the uncertainty of the immediate future of business in this country.

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