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How to download & Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (32-64 bit).

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Link to download Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (32-64 bit) :

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    thank you my friend!!!!!!! love from philippines

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    it s work tnx bru

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    Thank you so much.

  7. Dr HIren Gohil 11 months ago

    where is the link to download microsoft visual c++ 2015

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  10. COOL guy 11 months ago

    use microsoft edge or check what you downloaded. I downloaded x86 because i have windows 10.

  11. Darren Kumala 11 months ago

    Does downloading microsoft c++ 2015 delete files?

  12. CanalTV Romania 11 months ago

    Error the following component s are reguired to run this program Microsoft visual+2015 Runtime pls..

  13. PC Centre 11 months ago

    how to open file

  14. åbdø Bmr 11 months ago


  15. Md Shamshad Alam 11 months ago

    it is not install 32 bit Microsoft visual c++ can you help me

  16. Mike84417 11 months ago

    anyone knows how to get both versions 2015 and 2017 at the same time?

  17. Dog 11 months ago

    which is the 32bit?

  18. ninjagamez 56 11 months ago

    need it for brick rigs

  19. FrostyJerry 11 months ago

    Thanks it worked

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    I am not giving you

  21. Mr.J 11 months ago

    why does he sound like Pink Sheep? (IT'S COOL)

  22. tina 11 months ago

    when i try to run the x64 i get a Error 0x81f40001 how do i fix it?

  23. Kuro Neko 11 months ago

    Make it speed 1.25
    You're welcome

  24. gabi vaduva 11 months ago

    yes that's a good one it worked for my win 8.1 pro N version but i had to update my windows to install it after i tryed 1000 methods from yt thank you !

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