Gemma's Best-Ever Brownies

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Hi Bold Bakers! Your new Best-Ever Brownies recipe is finally here! Enjoy the most-fudgy, chocolaty brownie you’ve ever had with my Best-Ever recipe. So let’s get baking!

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Hi Bold Bakers! I’m Gemma Stafford, a professional chef originally from Ireland, and I’m passionate about sharing my years of baking experience to show you how to make simple, game-changing baking recipes with over-the-top results! Join more than 1 Million other Bold Bakers in the community for new videos at 8:30am Pacific Time every Thursday & Monday!


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Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 185

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  1. White Island 11 months ago

    How long would I bake for in an 8×8 pan? Would I reduce the temperature? Would you ever consider making a sort of guideline chart or video about how to vary temperature and bake time depending on which sort of pan you use?

  2. Sakina Shahiwala 11 months ago


  3. Servana Kites 11 months ago

    By far the best brownie recipe! So many people asked me for the recipe😂. Thanks Gemma❤️

  4. rashed farhan 11 months ago

    Gemma your best ever recipes are fantastic and thankyou for the reply

  5. rashed farhan 11 months ago

    Can I not use chlocolate bars

  6. Ali Ababwa 11 months ago

    Please help me! I did this recipe and my brownies turned out like a tough, dense cake 🙁 where did i go wrong? I want to give this a try again until i succeed..

  7. Delnaz Palsetia 11 months ago

    can you share the exact quantity of the ingredients

  8. Rayan-Marjaan Mohamed 11 months ago

    I always had problems getting the perfect brownie. I am a young baker who adores baking where it has come to an obssesion, so of course i research and watch cooking and baking videos a lot. I always watch videos promising the best brownies but they never fulfill their promise. So, i usually watch your videos and after 2 years of posting this video, i found it yesterday, of course i had to try it and the results were shocking. They were the Best, Rich, Best, Fudgy, Best, Indulgent, Yummy Brownies ive ever made of course they were gone in less than a day, so right now they are in the oven baking AGAIN. THANK YOU SO MUCH GEMMA, KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK GIRL!!!

  9. ITZ NANI 11 months ago


  10. Gurvin 11 months ago

    How the hell did I fail????? Mine came out to be bloody cake😭 I only did one change and that’s 175c for 35mins

  11. Afrah Ameen 11 months ago

    I made these brownies and they turned out amazing 😊
    It is actually the best recipe I have ever seen and tried 😀
    Can you pleaseeeeeee make a best ever mug brownie with this recipe like you did for your best ever chocolate cake
    Love your recipes
    You're amazing 💖

  12. vina herle 11 months ago

    Can we make it in a microwave

  13. nafisa desai 11 months ago

    With this recipe base can you add different flavours to it eg mars, kinder, snicker, etc and would the baking time be the same please comment below with reply

  14. Haya Butt 11 months ago

    Could you please make blondies??

  15. Raine Pastias 11 months ago

    So far the best brownie recipe I've found. My friends really loved it. Thank you for sharing. 😊

  16. txsha grey 11 months ago

    when you have only 10 mins more for the brownies to be done, and realise you need to keep aside for 2 hours. idk if I have that much of a willpower with the smell of it 😭

  17. S T 11 months ago

    These look so yummy and I can’t wait to make them

  18. Baking with Becca 11 months ago

    If I left baked goods for 2 hours in my house, they would be gone when I returned

  19. kerri raymond 11 months ago

    Do not cook these brownies for 40 minutes!!! You'll way over cook them, 25 to 30 minutes is as long as you want to cook these so that you get them to be fudgy in the middle not overcooked, Gemma cooked hers too long. No disrespect Gemma I love your channel and your recipes. The middle is still supposed to jiggle like you just made a cheesecake. 😉

  20. Radha M 11 months ago

    I know all ur recipes are written down in detail on ur website, but I still wish u would mention or list down the measurements of ur ingredients in the video or in the description box atleast!! 😕

  21. kerri raymond 11 months ago

    I am sitting here laughing watching this video, I found this exact recipe about a week ago online it's called worlds fudgiest brownies…. I have also in the last two days made them and they are incredible I added marshmallows to mine and semi sweet chocolate chips!!! Very good brownies I was a little nervous to add salt to mine because I used butter with salt as well so I left out the salt but they were still absolutely delicious because I did use salted butter. 🥰

  22. Chamila Jayawardena 11 months ago

    Hey..this is cool.i just want to ask something.why sometimes i getting air bubbles on brownie top? And its not crusty

  23. Yujin Pong 11 months ago

    Hi,ms.gemma.You are my idol.And you are my most favorite youtuber and chef ever!!

  24. Insia Juzer 11 months ago

    Can you tell the proportions as well??

  25. Najla Harhara 11 months ago

    Best brownies ever !!thanks Gemma

  26. Yujin Pong 11 months ago


  27. rsannie1 11 months ago

    When you said wait 2 hours my body was like = I don't think you have the facilities for that big man 😂

  28. Syedabdu Kyaz 11 months ago

    With out meshurment hou can make it

  29. Jakub Rezmer 11 months ago

    How much of everything?

  30. the red magical yay yay 11 months ago

    I really loved this when I tried this and it was fun. I am 13 and aspire to be a good chef. My family loved it thanks a lot for sharing these..😊

  31. Lehumo Manaka 11 months ago

    I just tried making them and may I just say, these were perfection. This is the best recipe I've found so far

  32. Aiza Pineda 11 months ago

    Can I have your recipe?

  33. Alok Kumbhat 11 months ago

    Loved it Gemma.

  34. Muhab Gaballah 11 months ago

    Gemma I'm going to try this, I'm literally a new Baker, only baked like three times until now, anything you want me to know, like side tips, important little details when making this?

  35. Azita K 11 months ago

    I made these yesterday. Used dark cocoa . The taste was good but I couldn’t get the crackling top. What could be the reason for this? And the color on top wasn’t how yours turned out. Plz help 🙂

  36. Jar 11 months ago

    hi there, may i know if you used fan force or top and bottom heat? i always struggle with oven baking settings and would appreciate if you could advise on this. thank you 🙂

  37. Azita K 11 months ago

    Hi Gemma. Where I live we don’t get dark chocolate that often. I have to use sweetened chocolate. Should I reduce the sugar by 1/2 cup or so? Do we need to reduce butter quantity too with this? Pls do guide. Thanks

  38. Devaki baskar 11 months ago

    Can you please help me???Its difficult to understand ur slang……can u put the words of the incrediments in your video plzzz

  39. Tony Briggs 11 months ago

    Do you have a malt loaf recipe ?

  40. Mariana Reyes 11 months ago

    What are the quantities?

  41. Saadia Nauman 11 months ago

    Hello Gemma!! I really like your recepies ..I made pizza ,doughnuts and cinnamon rolls which were mouth watering….. Excellent in taste 👍.Thx for sharing great recepies😘❤️.I have one question regarding brownies , can I use cooking chocolate instead of chocolate bar?

  42. Ravya Trehan 11 months ago

    Hey gemma , i love ur all recipes 😍 i tried this one without egg with buttermilk but its breaking and some sour taste in it plss help with this

  43. Leno 11 months ago

    Hey, could you reply asap. Can you make these in a convention microwave? And at what temperature and for how long???

  44. Nasreen Abdullahi 11 months ago

    I made these it was a little too dark for me though can I reduce cocoa powder and use milk chocolate

  45. Iba Khriam 11 months ago

    I will try this and I will come back for a feedback 😋

  46. Thodoris Z 11 months ago

    It's always surprising to see a professional pastry chef not cracking an egg on a flat surface e.g. on the countertop.

  47. Thodoris Z 11 months ago

    What accent is this???

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