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Candy Crush Saga Hack For Windows Phone (WPA)

تهكير لعبة candy crush saga لأجهزة الويندوز فون
الأدوات المستخدمة بالشرح :
0-لعبة candy crush saga مكركة من الرابط :

1- برنامج wp power tools رابط التحميل :

2- ملف التهكير الخاص بي :

3- برنامج الدعم الخاص ببرنامج wp power tools :

تم الشرح من قبل :
louay sleman
من قبل فريق (WPA)

لمتابعة مزيد من الأخبار والشروحات زوروا موقعنا :

Nguồn: https://hotforumpro.com

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://hotforumpro.com/tong-hop/

  1. MysticArya 8 months ago

    CandyCrush Unlimited Moves https://twitter.com/Deanne_Robin/status/762674732399489024

  2. mamunmalik 8 months ago

    I have possibly taken a shot at this directly from my smartphone and this performed like a charm. Just ensure to develop the Lives and Moves from your gadget!
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  3. THE GOD LOVERs 8 months ago

    ممكن طريققة تهكير dragon mania legend

  4. Leão Astro 8 months ago

    I was jammed in this game and may need more Lives and Moves eagerly. Thankfully I identified this site in last couple days, acquired it with no problem. Hope this assist others! https://www.facebook.com/209751569356499/photos/a.209755136022809.1073741828.209751569356499/209756076022715/?type=3&pidid=4e4bd285-9858-42e9-942b-2b5f100aac55 Candy Crush Saga Hack For Windows Phone (WPA)

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