Apache Helicopter AH-64 – Real Life vs 5 Games

One of my favorite military vehicles in games!
it is also the most powerful helicopter in the world!

Apache Helicopters Engage over 20 Taliban fighters *NEW*

Ah-64 Apache Helicopter Flying low, Engages Snipers, Battle Damage

Apache flying at low level

Apache AH-64 Most Advanced Attack Helicopter

AH-64 Apache Helicopter Simulator

Apache Engage Insurgents Hiding In A Building With 2 Hellfire Missiles

Apache Longbow Flight Simulator

Battle Stations: Apache Helicopter (War History Documentary)

5 – Battlefield 2 Special Forces
4 – Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer
3 – Apache Air Assault
2 – Medal of Honor (2010)
1 – Arma 3 (With Mod) mod link:

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  1. SEAL China 11 months ago

    i like this vedio so much ,and i want share this to the other web in china . i will give the souce this website.do you mind? thanks a lot.

  2. Doğukan Tıraş 11 months ago


  3. Дмитрий М 11 months ago

    Are these footages of killing people in thermal vision real footages?

  4. spearPYN 11 months ago

    Where is Longbow 2 — it is still the best Apache sim on the civilian market.

  5. Sosh Fkk 11 months ago

    Fuuuuuuuuk yuuuuoooo

  6. Keve Józsa 11 months ago

    And then, War Thunder implements the Apache. Might be the winner;)

  7. AE 123 11 months ago

    Arma 3 still no.1 even beating that Apache simulator.When it comes to military realism you gotta always give it to Arma 3

  8. Altaïr Ibn La Ahad 11 months ago

    Medal of Honor

  9. Ibsen Joshua Schmitt 11 months ago

    Real Ah-64 SIM Is EECH

  10. Tiago Escobar 11 months ago

    Irmão qual o mod do apache no Arma 3?

  11. Dr. Irreversibel 11 months ago

    Arma3 wins

  12. Adam 11 months ago

    No Bad Company 2 Apache? Fail
    The greatest Apache in all video game history

  13. El Shuwix 11 months ago

    So the only non-retarded AH-64 game is the original one.

  14. Alex Bailey 11 months ago

    I think the best realistic game with the Apache was medal of honor

  15. Rikard Nilsson 11 months ago

    gotta love the ugly.

  16. igor g 11 months ago

    the music is boat ride modern warfare 2 mission

  17. USN FighterPilot 11 months ago

    You can see the guys getting blown to peices

  18. Eagerstriker 11 months ago

    Aww no Jane's Longbow… That game was my fav back in my childhood. Still a pretty decent sim these days imo.

  19. I,M& M 11 months ago

    Arma 3 baby …though it is a mod

  20. GOAT One 11 months ago

    Xbox 360 best one

  21. Tiredofdumbfuks 11 months ago

    Anybody here played Aero Elite on the PS2? it had a few choppers and even for me (goodish at sims lol) they were hard as nails to pilot and easy to go into an uncontrollable stall. Apache AA is veeery easy, it's more towards arcade than sim imo I wish the devs tweaked the flight model a bit more, it feels sorta weightless.

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