ALGARVE after Quarantine! How BAD is the Situation?

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It’s finally the day when restaurants open their doors and naturally we have to go on a Lisbon food tour! How can we not? We need to support the restaurants with all we got! And that’s what we did!


We’re Amalie and Joen. A Danish couple from Copenhagen who have moved to Lisbon, Portugal.
This vlog is all about showing our new home, how life in Portugal is and of course a bunch of epic adventures around this beautiful country.

We hope you’ll stick around. 🙂

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  1. STAY CLASSY VLOG 8 months ago

    Hope you enjoyed this video! If you want to follow our daily lives head on over to Instagram ➡ @stayclassydk + @amaliejamil 🙂

  2. Ju Tatarinova 8 months ago

    Go to Lagos, Armação de Pêra, Carvoeiro, Silves, Serra do Monchique. It's also beautiful there🤗.

  3. afonsosantos584 8 months ago

    ahahah you guys passed next to my house, its on the street that leads to passaro azul

  4. Argento Ibérico 8 months ago

    6:23 was that an authentic Portuguese cultural shock?

  5. Mark Apollo Santamaria 8 months ago

    Full and drunk ! That’s some great steaks!

  6. FMORAIS 8 months ago

    Great public service guys! Hopefully many Portuguese people will choose to take vacations in the country to help the tourism industry 👌🏻👍

  7. David Gonçalves 8 months ago

    hahaha that Hospital ventilator sound ar 15:40…. so funny. Enjoy Algarve!

  8. Madina Vadache 8 months ago

    You guys are amazing another wonderful video 🙌🏼

  9. Tomás Nunes 8 months ago

    Go to Tavira, Cacela Velha, Alcoutim, Fuzeta and Cabanas. It’s all in the same region

  10. Ana Dos Santos 8 months ago


  11. Nadine Campos 8 months ago

    OMG GUYS! Im such a fan of you and i just can't believe that you came to my beautiful town, Ferragudo! Thank you for coming and sharing this little place to the world 😉

  12. Margarida Prof 8 months ago

    Please read this: This are the oficial beach rules in Portugal.

  13. Adrian White 8 months ago

    Ok now I get it, because of the Shut Down, they have too many cows. And they are serving up a full cow for each meal.
    That amazing amount of meat would feed 4 to 5 people.
    Enjoy the Beautiful Country Portugal.
    Kind regards Adrian

  14. David Antônio Carvalho Pereira 8 months ago

    deviam aproveitar e visitar o Norte de Portugal, um abraço

  15. Mario Andre 8 months ago

    The restaurant is "end of world" not "the end of the world". End of world is actually a destination or place.

  16. Mario Andre 8 months ago

    Plater full of food they know your a oink oink

  17. A S 8 months ago

    U have the gutts well done

  18. Adrian White 8 months ago

    Good morning Stay Classy, keep up the beautiful work, these videos are amazing they will help bring the people back to this amazing country. I will like this video. Enjoy Portugal from the Portuguese Wallaby Down Under.
    Warm regards Adrian

  19. Mario Andre 8 months ago

    That food is great isn't it? Better than that boiled stuff you guys make in Denmarky!

  20. Zulmira Wirzbicki 8 months ago

    I really enjoy your videos you guys do such a great job. I live in America I’m from the Azores islands of Santa Maria I always would love to go to Lisbon one day it looks beautiful. Thanks for all the great 👍

  21. L. Hollanda 8 months ago

    Wow I thought Denmark for being a costal country would have the habit of eat sea food like in Portugal

  22. Line Houde animation 8 months ago

    I really wanna go… But I don't know when I can. I live in Canada. But great video guys

  23. Anthony Junior 8 months ago

    That boat looks amazing 😘

  24. The renaissance man 8 months ago

    If not mistaken Ferragudo is where Jose Mourinho has a family vacation house… 12:03 the muppet show begins !!!!

  25. Flávio Abreu 8 months ago

    My house is 5 minutes away by foot to that Albufeira beach haha

  26. RuiB83 8 months ago

    If you visit Tavira again, you definitely need to visit the restaurant ‘Terraze’. It’s beautiful and right on the river 🥰 there’s also an Irish pub right next to it hahaha

  27. Aaron Marquees 8 months ago

    I am actually impressed that everyone is still wearing a mask…

  28. brdsb1 8 months ago

    The Best time to go to Algarve, no tourists 😁

  29. Orlando Santos 8 months ago

    Sad to see the places so empty.

  30. Antonio de Sousa 8 months ago

    Classic, you need put on masks. We can't eat with masks on. Good for you Amelia for pointing out the obvious. You need to wear a mask to enter the restaurant. What the hell, is there some event horizon between outside and inside? That can only be traversed by wearing a mask? 🙂

  31. Patricia Lestra 8 months ago

    So beautiful

  32. Module79L 8 months ago

    Regras do Estado de Calamidade

    O Governo apela ao dever cívico de recolhimento domiciliário. Ou seja, só deve sair de casa em situações excecionais e quando estritamente necessárias, por exemplo:

    – Ir trabalhar – sempre que não possa ser feito em regime de teletrabalho

    – Assegurar bens de primeira necessidade

    – Ir ao banco ou aos CTT levantar as suas reformas

    – Fazer passeios curtos

    – Passear os animais de companhia

    Posso andar de carro?

    Sim, para:

    – Abastecer o carro de combustível

    – Ir às compras

    – Ir trabalhar – sempre que não possa ser feito em regime de teletrabalho

    – Ir ao médico

    – Ir dar sangue

    – Ir à farmácia

    – Dar assistência a familiares

  33. telmocc 8 months ago

    Quite scared that you guys are happy with that fish dish.. if you really want to enjoy fish come to Ericeira a small Portuguese fisherman village

  34. JPVNG67 8 months ago

    Its true albufeira has beautiful beaches but it was invaded by foreign culture specially from britain

  35. Feliciano Paixão 8 months ago

    It is difficult to see that investments for decades to promote tourism, to provide quality services and to improve the lives of natives went down the drain in a matter of weeks.

  36. Ana Santos 8 months ago

    The rich are in Vale de Lobo and Quinta do Lago near Almansil, beautiful houses,beaches and restaurants and very few tourists!

  37. Lauren Camacho 8 months ago

    Algarve looks so beautiful!My boyfriend and I had a flight booked in April for 12 days to stay in Algarve and Lisbon, but because of the virus we had to cancel and go next year at the end of April. I can't wait to visit! Your videos are great! I learned a lot about where to go and not go, and will continue to watch! – from Toronto 🙂 Ps. Amalie your dresses are super cute!

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