2017 BMW HP4 Race onboard at COTA

It’s another new-bike ride with Zack! We know you’ve probably already binged on European coverage of this bike, but when we had an opportunity to ride the bike we made sure Zack brought along his camera and took you along for the ride. As usual, please feel free to suggest a bike you want to see featured here. If we get enough comments, we’ll try to get him on that one next.

This bike by the numbers:

Base Price: $78,000
Displacement: 999cc
Claimed Wet Weight: 378 lbs (171.4 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 4.6 gal (17.5 L)
Seat Height: 32.1 / 33.3 in. (816 / 846 mm)
Claimed Power: 215 @ 13,900 rpm
Claimed Torque: 88 lb.-ft. @ 10,000 rpm

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  1. Daniil Shishin 8 months ago

    3:30 hahah, I FEEL YOU BRO!!!

  2. GSA 8 months ago

    In America they couldn't sell this bike on eBay foe 40K, highest bid was $ 37,500, Fucking disaster for BMW

  3. Scott Gilbert 8 months ago

    "OOOOHHHHPMMMP" not in power band….

  4. Roberto Trequattrini 8 months ago

    You are really slow to test this bike

  5. Ismail Ismail 8 months ago

    Brapa puluh tahun carbon fiber boleh bertahan mesti ada tarikh luput carbon fober

  6. redline619 8 months ago

    That must have been a very fun day. Damn im so.jealous!

  7. cole forster 8 months ago

    Damn son that’s awesome

  8. Sidharth manoj krishnan 8 months ago

    forgive me for a being an idiot, but does this console not show speed?

  9. Roknees Tecz 8 months ago

    what is top speed of this bike??

  10. petar juric 8 months ago

    Amazing motorcycle

  11. florinvid 8 months ago

    Very skilled rider! You guys are very lucky to have Zack. Amazing motorcycle, the ultimate track beast

  12. Khairuddin Abd Kadir 8 months ago

    So fast superman.. Hahaha

  13. Steve Blanco Musician Warrior 8 months ago


  14. Absinthe2401 8 months ago

    They need to put mirrors and a brake light on these, and sell them to the public.
    Just sayin'

  15. incognito 82 8 months ago

    Pretty sure that is a KLX80 rear sprocket lol😂

  16. miloslav chlumský 8 months ago

    This video is so intense, i was ducking behind the screen on the straights. 😀

  17. Kristijan Kasipovic 8 months ago

    I would love to move to austin

  18. irony 8 months ago

    Short shifting for a reason or?

  19. Goto loco 8 months ago

    What if Hp4 race, install with turbocharge same like h2r? Is it possible .

  20. Truck - Kun 8 months ago

    I have hp4 too!! But not hp4 race😩

  21. Samual Whittemore 8 months ago


  22. Matt Bonneville 8 months ago

    First time I've heard ZC have a little 'oh shit" in his voice. 5th gear power on wheelie will do that to you.

  23. OSI 8 months ago

    I play lottery everyday.

  24. Quotro 8 months ago

    shut the fuck up and ride ! talk to much …..

  25. Ayub Chandra Sultani 8 months ago

    Another porn videos for me.

  26. Khương 8 months ago

    best of HP4

  27. alex mcleod 8 months ago

    Peter hickman is a fucking nutter thrashin this bike at isle of man tt🤪 hats off to him

  28. Omie Boriboun 8 months ago

    1143cc Gsxr 1000 from 2001-2008. KWS motorsports have been doing this since 2001. 3 mm bore 4 mm stroke. 205 wheel 105 tq on pump gas. No litre bike made this wheel horsepower even today. That would be a great comparison between this and any 1000cc of today. 5K $ bike 9K $ built motor still under a new MSRP liter.

  29. Anton Bily 8 months ago

    78k bike still has plastic brake fluid resovoirs

  30. Compost Wise 8 months ago

    Nice Brief, Nice Video… Thank you! (from Australia)

  31. BusaLova 8 months ago

    The sight of that cockpit wheelieing down the straight as you approach the first hairpin while shifting up just tickled my testicles like only motorcycling can do. Having been on track it's the kind of thrill that nothing else can provide.

  32. P Body 8 months ago

    The more I watch this video the more I realize the HP4 race is a troll bike. Its got all the cheat codes and knows and inaccessible camping spot through a hole in the map.

  33. helloman1976 8 months ago

    I love everything about the way you ride…my heart is pounding while I am laughing lolololol!!!

  34. Left Vassis 8 months ago

    damn,you are a very good rider mate,seen other people on this track going way too slow with r1s zx14s etc.cheeers

  35. Tsuyama no Kinsan津山の金さん 8 months ago

    Wonderful 👍👍👍゜.+:。(*´v`*)゜.+:。💕

  36. Jakkaphong Phiphat 8 months ago


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